Shall we skip the usual so that I can greet you without insulting your intelligence AND move on to the fun part?  Fun part being me blasting you with ALL sorts of invisible thingies designed to totally discourage YOU from ever conceiving that you are my person.


Because MY person would never ever get discouraged.

So, shall we? 

You see, usually peeps land on this page as a consequence of witnessing all kinds of ALIEN stuff my clients or my CLIENT’S clients are doing … or teaching … and they get intrigued. Really intrigued.

Kind of like YOU are right now.

But that is NOT why you are really here.

You are here because you know something.

What you know you can’t explain.

But you feel it.

You felt it all your life.

You are different.

Something about how YOU see the world is different.

And somehow THAT something is the answer to what is wrong with this world.

Building a purposeful business seemed like THE perfect place to figure this out.

All the way to multiple 6 or even “coaching holy grail” 7 figures.

And while everything has changed, nothing has really changed.

Your box has definitely become bigger.

But it still feels like a BOX.

Things are good, but they are not exactly great.

Not without a ton of “get grateful” or “it’s just the way business is” coaching.

Something is still very much missing.

I mean, this was supposed to be IT.

But it’s starting to feel as if someone has switched OFF the Matrix.

And now you see the world business for what it is.

Windy place where freedom is in the eye of the beholder.

So …

Shall we just address the giant elephant in the room?

Firstly …

You are RIGHT.

You were right all along.

You are NOT normal.

And I mean that as a compliment.

Secondly …

You have built a NORMAL business.

To make things worse, you are attempting to scale your normal business the NORMAL way.

Thirdly …

Normal business or normal anything is for … normal people.

And here is why …

Normal people, or the majority of us, all rely on reliable and verifiable STATIC contexts in order to relate to the world. Which is a fancy way of saying that they are defenders of the status quo loyally implementing any pre-approved box. And make no mistake, they have a valuable role to play … just like YOU.

But YOU are not like them.

Everything goes intrinsically wrong when you play the wrong role for a far too long. For how do you stop playing a role when it STOPS being a role and becomes a part of you … as much as YOU are?

You follow the white rabbit and stop ignoring THE sign.


Financial … Mental … Emotional … Physical … Spiritual.

Yes, regardless of the figures you are making and taking.

Remember what spineburning excitement feels like?

You are NOT really that afraid of losing anything.

You are afraid that THIS is all that there is 

And when you exhaust all normal solutions for MORE starting with more leads, so … more sales, more events, more PR, more speaking, more ads … nothing will really change … AGAIN.

Right again.

For NOTHING above will ever be enough to quench the kind of thirst YOU have.

What do we know about YOU so far?

You are successful by our industry standards AND unsuccessful according to your own.

It feels as if there is an entire Universe inside YOU left on the first station when you jumped on your success train. 

You are one of the TWO in a teeny tiny group.

Oh, and you have THAT something thingy we mentioned at the beginning.

Thingy has a name.

I call it your Evolutionary GENIUS.

When the WORLD happens to someone like YOU …

You have to shrink to something miniscule and take as less space as possible in order to fit in.

But when someone like YOU happens to the world …

Cleopatra happens …

Leonardo Da Vinci happens …

Elizabeth I happens …

Carl Gustav Jung happens …

Maya Angelou happens …

Martin Luther King happens …

Oprah happens …

Elon Musk happens …


A word of warning …

Sometimes the role has been a role for so long that it feels impossible to tell the difference where the role ends and YOU begin. So, you end up in both realms … desperately searching for change and then ferociously defending the status quo … at the same time. Running toward something AND then running as fast as you can away from it.

Forever in purgatory.

You may know this state as EXCUSES.

If this is you and you have ZERO intentions to change this TODAY …

Walk away.


There is NOTHING for you here.

And here is why …

But first, can you forget about the 5 figure deposits and fees for a moment?

Things like $10,000 or $25,000 fees or a DEPOSIT … for a 100 DAY package … group or private …before you ever start working with someone.

You see …

We live in the best of times AND worst of times.

WE are the unlikeliest of all people able to influence minds on a different side of the world with few words typed in over a glass of wine. To set the mood of the masses on fire and ignite minds, to make the IMpossible possible. To shape and repair the economy of an entire country. And, yes, to remake the fabric of our AND the collective reality.

At the same time …

State of Gilead is just few referendums away.

One economic default can reduce the worth of your bank account to exactly nothing in less than 24hrs.   

One tiny little thing invisible to a naked eye can wipe almost all of us away.

Meaning …

We are abundantly out of time for figuring out how to make adult diapers look cool and feel guilt free.

Still YOU?

Then welcome Bada$$.

You are about to discover the power you ALREADY have.

Leaving your name-shaped hole in every room attempting to contain YOU.

For when you embrace who you are and what ONLY you can DO …

You may, just may, find the gaping EYE of the Universe staring back at YOU …

Waiting for YOUR next cue while feverishly holding its breath.

And money will have ZERO choice but to obediently follow.

In awe of YOU.